Alexander Remizov

"The works of Alexander Remizov in the technique of painting are creative works in the spirit of Contemporary Art and with a sense of the professional school of the artist of high quality"

Eleonora Zharenova,

Academician of the Russian Academy of Arts.

People's Artist of Russia

"I know Alexander Remizov as a talented architect, designer and painter. His paintings are made in a restrained gamut of colors and he constructively assembles the picturesque surface of the canvas"
Konstantin Alexandrov,

Honored Artist of Russia


"Very interesting contemporary painting and graphics! Soul and thought are felt, and also, plastically, it is very bold and convincing - that is, with a brutal compositional rhythm, a lively feeling is not lost. Congratulations! Happy for you! Successes !!!"

Alexander Vetrov.
Honorary Member of the Russian Academy of Arts.
Honored Artist of Russia.


1972 - 1977

Art school. Moscow

1977 - 1983

Moscow Architectural Institute 




- All-Union Youth Art Exhibition. Central Exhibition Hall "Manezh", Moscow


- All-Union Art Exhibition. Central Exhibition Hall "Manezh", Moscow


- Republican Art Exhibition "Youth of Russia". Central House of Artists, Moscow


- Moscow Union of Artists "Out of Genre", Moscow


- Moscow Union of Architects "Archi-Art", Moscow 25 Januar - 07 Februar

- Moscow Union of Artists «The Backstage of Existence», Moscow Starosadsky pereulok 5.  May 18

- Art space. Exhibition of Painting and Graphics «Jazz Mood», Moscow, 06-26 June

- Art exhibition in Moscow Artist's House, Moscow. 18 June

- Art exhibition "Moscow is My Love" Artist's House, Moscow Kuznetsky Most 11.

August 28 - September 9

- Art exhibition "Autumn exhibition" Union of Moscow Artists, Moscow, Starosadsky pereulok 5.   

08-12 October

- Art exhibition "Black-White" Union of Moscow Artists,   Moscow, Starosadsky pereulok 5. 

22-28 December


- "M'Art", 02 - 09 Mart

   Moscow Union of Architects, Granatny 9.

- "Best landscapes" Gallery "Arka" October (online)

- "Best Jenre" Gallery "Arka" November (online)

- "Top 100 Artists" Gallery "Arka" December (online)

- "On the paper". 12 - 19 December.

    Moscow Union of Artists. Kuznetsky Most 20 



- "The image of a woman in painting and sculpture". 15 - 23 Januar

     Moscow Union of  Artists, Kuznetsky Most 11.

- "In the feeling of Spring". 06 - 12 Februar

     Moscow Union of  Artists, Starosadsky 5.

- "Monumentalist Passport" 06 - 21 June

     Moscow Union of  Artists, Kuznetsky Most 11.


"The reality of life conveyed on canvas is what I aspire to."

I first got my art education at the art college of the Krasnopresnensky district of Moscow, then I graduated from the Academy of Architecture (Moscow Architectural Institute), then I studied with the famous artist Andrei Vasnetsov (1924 - 2008) - one of the founders of the influential art style in Russia of the 50-60s years of "severe style". After graduating from the academy, I participated in art exhibitions since 1988. Then from 1995 to 2015 I was more involved in architectural practice. And since 2016, I again devote a lot of time to painting and participate in exhibitions.

I was influenced by the Italian, Spanish and Flemish school of painting of the 17th century. I also love 20th century art. For me, the experience of the predecessors is important in studying both the form and composition of the image. Continuity in art does not consist in stylization, but in the formulation of tasks that can be solved in modern conditions. Both traditional everyday scenes and mythological images are still of lasting importance today.

In my paintings I portray a person who does his favorite thing - draws, plays music, reads or just looks at flowers or at his reflection in the water, which reminds me of ancient myths. Although real people are behind each image, I depict them in a generalized way, while preserving the characteristic. I consider it important to portray characters so that viewers see and recognize themselves in them, since seeing and recognizing themselves in others is an integral part of our essence. I worked in the field of architecture for a long time and there I realized that it’s not enough for people to simply create an artificial environment, but this environment should bear the imprint of their personality. I think that this also applies to painting, this is what gives people a sense of self-worth.

The idea of ​​a new artistic conception comes to me gradually. I observe the environment, make graphic sketches. In my circle there are artists and musicians and ordinary people. From my sketches, the themes of works arise, for example, such as "Drawing" or "Playing Musical Instruments." Often, during work, I make several versions of the same picture.

When creating a picturesque space, I take into account the property of the material from which it is created - the color of the paint. In my opinion, a picturesque space does not copy the space of nature, but creates its own special space on canvas. We perceive natural space due to illumination, and picturesque - due to colors. The viewer perceives colors and sees space. For me, this is the most important thing in the creative method - to speak the language of colors with the audience. When color creates space, this is the essence of painting.

My architectural activity helped me to look at the environment constructively. I try to create a picture space using a series of silhouette objects. Often the object of the picture is a single character. My paintings are ascetic in color, with a generalized drawing and a constructive composition.

I like how the color of paint on the canvas creates a spatial image. I use contrasting tones, as they create great depth and space. I use the spatial depth of color to invite the viewer to stop by the picture. At this moment, he realizes that the space in the picture is in the space of his emotions and imagination.