Alexander Remizov

"The works of Alexander Remizov in the technique of painting are creative works in the spirit of Contemporary Art and with a sense of the professional school of the artist of high quality"

Eleonora Zharenova,

Academician of the Russian Academy of Arts.

People's Artist of Russia

"I know Alexander Remizov as a talented architect, designer and painter. His paintings are made in a restrained gamut of colors and he constructively assembles the picturesque surface of the canvas"
Konstantin Alexandrov,

Honored Artist of Russia


"Very interesting contemporary painting and graphics! Soul and thought are felt, and also, plastically, it is very bold and convincing - that is, with a brutal compositional rhythm, a lively feeling is not lost. Congratulations! Happy for you! Successes !!!"

Alexander Vetrov.
Honorary Member of the Russian Academy of Arts.
Honored Artist of Russia.


1972 - 1977

Art school. Moscow

1977 - 1983

Moscow Architectural Institute 




- All-Union Youth Art Exhibition. Central Exhibition Hall "Manezh", Moscow


- All-Union Art Exhibition. Central Exhibition Hall "Manezh", Moscow


- Republican Art Exhibition "Youth of Russia". Central House of Artists, Moscow


- Moscow Union of Artists "Out of Genre", Moscow


- Moscow Union of Architects "Archi-Art", Moscow 25 Januar - 07 Februar

- Moscow Union of Artists «The Backstage of Existence», Moscow May 18

- Art space. Exhibition of Painting and Graphics  «Jazz Mood», Moscow 06-26 June

- Art exhibition in Moscow Artist's House, Moscow 18 June

- Art exhibition "Moscow is My Love" Artist's House, Moscow August 28 - September 9

- Art exhibition "Autumn exhibition of monumental artists" Union of Moscow Artists,   Moscow 08-12 October

- Art exhibition "Black-White" Union of Moscow Artists,   Moscow 22-28 December


- Moscow Union of Architects "M'Art", Moscow 02 - 09 Mart       +7 (495) 724 7009        РОССИЯ

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